New Alumni 2011: Alycia Astarita, Kerry DellaTorre, Ashley Swanson, Jessica Nadeau, Melissa Cintron, Alicia Ellery, Kate Newhall, Leanne Jones (not pictured) and Biancha DiPaola (not pictured)

Congratulations to our new graduates of 2011! Pictured right: Jenna Lynn Tundis Pictured Below: Kelly Guilmain Bottom Right: Stephanie Wagner Not Pictured: Jess Lussier 

 Zeta Xi Delta's Alumni Association is a way for the sisters who have graduated or moved on to stay in touch and updated on sorority news.  It is headed by Amelia Ehrens who has been planning some great events that will be taking place throughout the year. The official color for the Alumni Association is yellow.


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